Image of Vertical Plate Holder (US Plates) - Not legal in all states

Vertical Plate Holder (US Plates) - Not legal in all states

$7.00 - $12.00

Video of the part being made

Vertical plate holder designed and 3D printed by myself.

PLA+ that has a temp of 220-230c melt
100% Infill (Solid block of plastic)
Printed with a .04mm SwissMicro nozzle and all-metal hot end
0.2 layer- hight and 100% designed by myself

I wanted a low-cost simple solution to put your plate off the rear frame and onto your CVT. This should fit right into the existing bolts on the CVT. See the example in the pictures. You would need to go to the hardware store WITH the bolts you removed, find the correct thread pitch, and get longer ones. bring the part with you to see how much longer it needs to be.

I wanted to relocate my license plate to the side of the CVT. I picked two spots that would work and decided to measure, print and test = repeat until a test fit works. I also wanted it to be a bit hefty so I wouldn't have to work to really worry about it breaking off. The printing material I used was PETG.

NOTE: It Does require new bolts and I suggest a washer on both sides of the part on each bolt and does require a stock air-box delete.


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