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Honda Ruckus 49cc Velocity Stack

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Use at your own risk. Know this has no filter and objects CAN go down into the carb. There are performance gains using this but it has its drawbacks. This may require a bit of sanding on the inner edge but is easy to do.

DETAILS for "BLACK" and "BLACK Carbon Fiber Infused" options
100% Infill (Solid block of plastic)
Printed with a .04mm SwissMicro nozzle and all-metal hot end
0.2 layer- hight and 100% designed by myself

This comes with the stack only and no hardware or intake runner. You can purchase this hose in the pictures from the auto zone or the internet.

Take a DAYCO 71013 (Not included) and cut it in the middle and you have a 45-degree and 90-degree turn to play with. Get a 1.5" hose clamp for each and bolt it on (Also not included). MAY require re-jetting (not included)


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