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Honda Ruckus GAP cover

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I have always loved the way a frame splitter covered the gap between the front and rear frame. Things I didn't like about the ones you can currently purchase

1. The material was way too "bendy"
2. There was still more "gap" to cover
3. The material was way too bendy

Here is my solution. The SEV Builder GAP cover. This is 16 Gauge and is not "bendy" and will also flip in the back to cover more GAP. Its also stuff enough to withstand drops, hits, accidental steps with your foot or kids poking at it.

It comes in black by default but there is an option for more colors since we can powder coat now.

Default is black satin but there is more to choose from. Please contact me before you purchase if you want a different color.

THIS IS NOT A PERFECT PRODUCT. There will be small imperfections here and there but as long as it is not visible on the show surface it will pass QA. If you have an issue please let me know via the contacts on this website.

Please allow for lead time of 4-7 days to complete and Longer for custom color.

Will ship outside of the US but again please contact me first.

16 Gauge version is ___

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