Image of Honda Ruckus GET or GY6 ATR Harness Left side controls

Honda Ruckus GET or GY6 ATR Harness Left side controls

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NOTE: Due to the shape of this item and the flip switch arm this product now ships in a BOX rather than a padded packet to ensure safe delivery.

If you want to change up your controls well here is a set that is prewired to connect to the harness of the stock Honda Ruckus or ATR Harness (Any harness that uses the stock configuration).

The controls have a red button for the horn.
Flip switch for high beams or you can wire it into something else.
Signal Left and Signal Right

The casing is made of metal, not plastic so this will not break as easily as other controls. This is what I currently have on my bike now.

Please see this video. Same controls and is a good series to give you an idea of what to expect:


This would work great with the Honda Ruckus start button harness we have here also.

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