Image of TrailTech 7/8” Bar Mount

TrailTech 7/8” Bar Mount


was asked by a SmallEngineVelocity subscriber to design and build a simple bar mount for the trail tech tachometer and here is the result of a few days of trial and error. Please see the pictures for the trail tech I used.

I know it is kind of expensive but it is VERY responsive and very accurate. I have had mine for five years now and it STILL works and has moved from bike to bike when I need it.

This is printed in Black and White PETG at 100% infill on a CR10S modified for accuracy and the best prints. I'm was pretty sure I don't have to say "TRAIL TECH" not included but ill do it anyway.

This does come with hardware but does NOT come with that Allen wrench to tighten it down. There are two washers (Not seen in the picture) for the back side of the mount for the gauge.

This is a homegrown design, please when you get it do NOT tighten to ridiculous torque specs. Hand-tight is enough.

Top Mount for Gauge
Rear Clamp
2 bolts for the top mount (longer) with nuts and two washers for the backside
2 bolts for the clamp and two nuts

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